Sunday, September 24, 2006

In the Neighbourhood

Do not be fooled by its quietness, our neighbourhood is a pretty busy place.

There is often a pigeon roosting on our roof gutter, cooing and crooing away.

We found a spider measuring about 10 cm on our toilet door the other night, and had to chase it out of the house with a broom.

Spiders aren't the only 'spooky' creatures on the prowl at night. We found a rather large 'worm' in the house too.

And not forgetting the flowers of course.
Well although they don't make any noise, they sure get my darling of a wife all excited about them.
         The 'bottle brush'                         Close-up

   An iris in our backyard

   and Blue Rose

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's Show Time

The Royal Adelaide Show.
A show that had kids acting up in school in the weeks leading to it and one week after they had been to it.
And a show that makes parents hit the depths of their emotions (and their pockets).

I had never known there to be so much excitement over any show and had to see it for myself.

There were pig races.

             Oink! Oink! Time to pig out after all that exercise!

There were animals (alpacas, cows, horses) and animal shows.

Someone obviously did not agree with my views about Animal Farm.

You could also select and buy the animals on sale there.
There were competitions, eg wood-cutting.
Thrills and spills from motorbike stunts.
 Vroom...Vroom... and
 Oops, another one bites the dust.

Game booths, food, vendors selling all kinds of things - from recuitment booths set up by the Army to jacuzzis and school enrolment booths.
And to top it all, a Big Boy Ballet - a precision, synchronised 'dance' performed by 4 Bobcat vehicles.

        Who said mechanical movements and ballet don't mix?

Of course, the happiest people are the kids and those young-at-heart.
They get to buy show bags like
                    this                         and this.

It was also the first occasion I tried out my new camera.
And I must say I hadn't done justice to it on my first try.

I will be back.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Fathers' Day Gift

I had a most wonderful experience shopping for my digital camera over the weekend.

My current digital camera is about 3-4 years old now.
3 MP. Still works fine.
Only problem is that the proprietary rechargeable batteries run dry pretty quickly.
Probably reaching the end of its shelf life.
Oh all right, I also could not resist the temptations of the many new cameras with 5-8 MP.

So, I had been looking out for a good deal for a reasonable digital camera for a while.
And thank God for Fathers' Day.
All the Departmental stores were selling their digital cameras cheap.

I went to the first shop advertising a Kodak Z650 for $398.10x optical zoom, 6.1 MP.
I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Well, so did everyone else, it seems.
The camera was sold out in all its outlets within a 30 km radius of where I live.

I went to the next store advertising this for $399.
Again, they were also sold out.
This time, the entire chain is out.

Feeling pretty depressed, I went to another store advertising this for $473.
Not so much to buy it as to look at and touch the camera as I haven't had a chance to see the actual camera so far.

As it turned out, the store was having a 20%-storewide discount (except digital cameras).
But, the salesman must have made a mistake for he told me that the 20% applied to the cameras too.
So, having been promised a 20% discount, I was naturally 'shocked' at the bill of $473 when I paid for the camera at the counter.

I sought out the salesman for clarifications. He called his manager. After some discussion, the store honoured the offer made by the salesman.
And I got the camera for $392 - cheaper than any of the other stores.

Now, how good is that?

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